Our Drama Workshops are held once a month. We endeavour to make them four-weekly but this is not always possible due to school holidays and the availability of the venue. The 2017 dates below have been booked and confirmed by the Star of the Sea Administration.

As December is an extremely busy time for both school and co-curricular functions and events, we will be holding the RYAG end of year production on Saturday, 25 November, therefore the month will have two Drama Workshops three weeks apart.

Please make a note of the following 12 RYAG sessions, especially the production dates of Saturday, 4 May and Saturday, 25 November. Students will also have a copy of the 2017 Drama Workshops in their RYAG folders.

RYAG DATEs - 2017

Term 1  Term 2  Term 3  Term 4 
Sat. 28 January Sat. 29 April  Sat. 15 July Sat. 7 October 
Sat. 25 February Sat. 27 May * Sat. 12 August Sat. 4 November 
Sat. 25 March Sat. 17 June Sat. 2 September Sat. 25 November* 

* End of Semester Performance Date